1. Measure the area that you would like to rabbit proof. 

2. Purchase the materials.

We used 1inch galvanized mesh wire purchased like this one. click here

You can use chicken wire if you wish. 

Ground staples like these. click here
Galvanized fencing staples. click here   

3. Pick a date for your work party, invite neighbors. 

5. Using the fencing tacks, fasten the wire to the deck. 

7. Don't forget to stop for snacks!

You can use this method for rabbit proofing your garden too!

Rabbit Proof Decks. 

Keep rabbits from getting â€‹under decks and other areas.

Celebrate a successful day! 

Work Party Day

1. Prepare snacks

2. Check under the deck to make sure there are no critters under there. 

3. Dig a ditch approx 8 - 12 inches wide and up to 6 inches deep along the border of your rabbit proofing area.


6. Bury the wire using the soil that you previously removed. 

You'll need a shovel, hammer, gloves, knee pads and a smile. 

Protect bulbs from rabbits:

Place l/4 inch hardware cloth around them when planting. Flowers will grow through the wire.

4. Lay out your wire in an L - shape.

An educational resource for humans to learn how to

cohabitate with the wild domestic rabbits of Langley.